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About us - Screen-free Kids App

We know first-hand the challenges involved with thinking of, setting up and actually DOING fun activities with kids… especially with a screaming toddler or two tugging on your arm (!)

Most of us don’t have the luxury of scouring the internet or visiting libraries and book shops for hours on researching new and inexpensive ways and ideas to keep the kids engaged.  So we decided that Simple Kids Activities App was a great way to inspire.  After all, we’re all constantly on the go, with ready mobile access.

Passionate about minimising screen time for our own kids, we wanted to create something that would help make simple kids activities quick and easy for others; making activities less intimidating for busy adults whilst still engaging for little ones.  Activities don’t need to be expensive; they can be as simple as re-purposing everyday items like tins, toilet rolls or plastic bottles!

We believe in balance.  Although we live in a technology driven world, the traditional necessities of fine and gross motor skills development, emotional and social intelligence and an appreciation of the outdoors, nature and the natural world around us are so incredibly vital.

Simple Kids Activities App is more than just a children’s activity inspiration portal; it’s also a way to encourage families to spend quality time together.  Being mentally present and available when in the company of our little ones is important for both them and us.

The activities suggested and featured in the Simple Kids Activities App are both frazzled- adult friendly and most definitely kid-approved.  We’ve loved every moment of making the activities featured and we hope that we’re able to inspire quality bonding time, educational play and promote the importance of screen-free kids activities.

It doesn't need to be perfect - it just has to be fun!

Take our #screenfreekids challenge today... you'll be amazed at the positive results!