What exactly is the Simple Kids Activities App?

It's a kids activities inspiration portal - featuring 150+ simple and creative ideas, sorted by age and activity. Ideas include simple crafts, recycled crafts and games, simple family and allergy-friendly recipes, healthy food art ideas for fussy eaters, book suggestions as well as a few jokes for frazzled adults. Created and designed by 2 Aussie Mums, for other time-poor and busy care-givers.

Looking after little ones is incredibly challenging – in terms of energy, time, patience and creativity.  Acknowledging this doesn’t mean that we love them any less, or would have it any other way.  Reassurance often comes from knowing that all care-givers experience the same set of challenges… and it’s not just us.

Many times we’re aware of the importance of screen-free time and creative play, however the daily demands of chores, work, tantrums, snacks and life commitments make this feel impossible.


Frustrated, busy and exhausted, we find ourselves turning on the TV or iPad for a moment’s peace and quiet, so that we can “get everything done”.  We tell ourselves it will just be for a moment and then before we know it, an hour or three have passed…

This app makes creative activity time with your kids fun – for everyone. 

No more lengthy internet searches for ideas or inspirations.

Simple Kids Activities App brings the ideas to you… saving you time and sanity!


Age-appropriate Inspiration

Activities are grouped in age appropriate categories, making it quick and easy to find suitable ideas.

  • 0-3 years
  • 3-6 years
  • 6-9 years

Broad Range of Activity Ideas

Our broad range of 150+ activities and ideas include:

  • General Crafts
  • Recycled Crafts
  • Book Suggestions
  • Simple Family Recipes
  • Kids Baking Ideas
  • Easy Food Art
  • Allergy Friendly Recipes
  • Have a Giggle (for frazzled adults!)


  • Simple, easy to follow steps
  • Listed materials and ingredients needed
  • Segmented by age
  • Versatile and materials-on-hand dependent
  • Segmented by recycled materials to hand